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I am so happy that I found Jen Henry because I know that my kitties are well cared for. Though long ago, I still remember her making sure that she knew about my cats' needs before she had her first assignment. For the many years since, she's been available, well organized, and has proven to be an extraordinary caretaker. I've asked for her help during both short and extended travel, and I'm always comforted that she's there.  I know she spends time with my cats and plays with them. Even the shy cat comes out to play, which is rare. Jen sends me pictures, and she's also been a comfort to me during times of loss. I'm very grateful to Jen, and I can't imagine calling on anyone else when I'm away from home.

Diane S.


Jen’s Pet Sitting has been a godsend for my cat family members. One of my kitties has been on chemo for more than a year, and I can always depend on Jen to take good care of him while I’m gone. I love what professional, yet personal, services she provides. I highly recommend her!

Kelly C.

Jen has been pet sitting for us for over a decade. It's always hard leaving our fur babies behind but it's comforting to know they're in good hands. She's kind, fantastic with animals, and very responsive. I don't know what I would do if she ever decided to retire. She's amazing!

Davina B.

Central Phoenix cat sitter
Central Phoenix cat sitter

Jen previously fostered my cat Dudley so when I needed a catsitter I reached out to her. She has been checking in with Dudley for years since then and has been incredibly reliable and communicative, not to mention extremely good with my cat who is shy and nervous with almost everyone but me and my husband. I always receive a photo of him when she checks in with him, and honestly I have no idea how she gets such good pictures since he likes to hide as soon as the camera comes out. Somehow, he's always rolling around relaxed on his back or playing with toys in these photos, instead of hiding under the covers!  I would 10000% recommend Jen to anyone who needs a dependable and communicative petsitter who is also patient, gentle, and excellent with shy kitties. 

Michelle S.

Jen is super reliable and sometimes I think Ollie and Teddy love her more than they love us! She takes time to play and interact with the cats and sends regular updates. It’s so nice knowing we can not only trust who is in our home, but we also get pictures and snippets of what trouble the boys have been causing while we are gone. She’s beyond helpful with watering plants, checking mail, cleaning up cat-related messes, changing pesky smoke detectors and other ‘little’ things that would be impossible to address while away. So thankful to have Jen as our dedicated, dependable pet caregiver! 

Elena F.

Central Phoenix cat sitter
Central Phoenix Cat Sitting

Jen is by far the best pet sitter we have had. She is dependable, trustworthy, and can remember/balance multiple tasks each visit, depending on our needs at the time. Our cat is not the warmest creature, but when it comes to Jen she lights up. We are so grateful for her!

Anna D.

Jen has been caring for my diabetic cat for nearly 7 years. She has been a pro at monitoring his insulin and food, even when I’ve been gone for extended periods of time. Most recently she has taken on administering fluids as he now also has kidney disease in his old age. I highly recommend Jen for cats with health issues!

Cameron T.


Jen Henry has been a part of my cat family for many years. She has always been there for us and always adjusting to my new normal (I have many cats so many different situations arise). She is so reliable, so kind, so fun and did I say reliable? I heartily recommend Jen, always.

Karen P.

I always know that Praline will be well taken care of by Jen...and not just the basics! Jen makes sure that Praline gets a drink out of the sink or water hose and extra treats if she helps with the chores! And I love that she sends pics of her while we're on vacation. 

Emma H.

Central Phoenix Cat Sitting
Central Phoenix Cat Sitting

I love Jen's Pet Sitting! Jen is meticulous, caring and goes above and beyond to make sure your pet(s) and home are well taken care of. In addition, her daily updates and observations are super helpful and give me a peace of mind while traveling that is priceless. Jen is great with my cat and my cat is very particular to say the least!

Linda E.

Jen has been taking care of my two cats since I moved to Arizona.  I can travel for work with ease knowing they are in her care.  My sweet Henry is scared of the world & he actually comes out & plays with her.  She has a calm spirit & truly cares for your pets!  I love getting a quick update & pic while she visits & I know they are in good hands. 

Shannon H.

Jen Henry does an amazing job of caring for our 4 cats and 2 dogs when we're away which allows our furry family members to enjoy the comforts of home! She's also able to check on the house, bring in the mail, and other odd jobs that mean a lot to us. It's obvious that she loves animals and is imminently trustworthy. Jen has been watching our pets for nine years now and the peace of mind she provides is priceless!

Patrick D.

I have been known to say that Jen is the best pet sitter on the planet.  She is amazing.  She's responsive, communicative and needless to say, REALLY great with our kitties.  I also love all the things she does to go above and beyond, like the time my husband and I were in Europe, she noticed a FedEx notice and volunteered to call and schedule a later delivery for when we got back.  Another wonderful touch that Jen adds to her visits is her pet report cards.  I absolutely love reading her daily report on how our kitties were doing when I get back from trips.  Jen is no ordinary pet sitter, she's absolutely fantastic and you'd be crazy to use anyone else!


Central Phoenix Cat Sitter
Pet Sitter Central Phoenix
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